Dudes & Dudettes,

I present to you the Handwriting meme. I will transcribe for you because I’m not sure you will be able to read my handwriting, but do give it a shot before reading the transcript, k?

cptn-rogerss, I feel stalked by awesome people, haha! <3 

cptn-rogerss tagged moi, so here we go… good luck reading this!

1. Your name: my given name is Sylvi. I go by Sylvi December, Neeyla or Evelyn Angelo. Any of these is a legit way to call me :)
2. Your URL: lastdropfalls
3. Your blog title: A Diary of Dreams (used to be As Life goes by…)
4. Favorite color: silver, black, navy blue, white & yellow
5. Crush/SO: hm… does crushing on a band count? :P
No, for real though, I’m crushing majorly on a neighbor of mine who kinda sorta looks like a formal flame of mine… but without the asshole bits :) Fingers crossed something happens there!
6. Favorite band: Sonata Arctica, Poets of the Fall, Eluveitie & OneRepublic… in absolutely no order. I’m not sure which of them is my absolute favorite anymore.
8. Favorite number: 6 (I’m looking at you cptn-rogerss, we’re number buddies!!!!!! see what I did there?)
9. Favorite drink: homemade vitamin water, jasmin(e, I made a spelling mistake xD) tea, chai latte, smoothies
10. Tag your buds: well, let me see… wyyomdreamingwakingnative & onerepublicismysoul. If anyone else feels like doing this, I throw your way the challenge meme!

P.S.: If you managed to read through this, you are a hero! No one ever can read my handwriting. It’s like my own secret language, haha!

Happy thoughts & smiles,

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